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16.03.2018   bis 19.03.2018

Evost 1: The advent of Life

Evost is a philosophy course that was made for people who are in need of a deeper, more fundamental approach of that what we work with every day: Life’s complexity and the mechanism that developed it up to the point we see now. This course is especially aimed on Osteopaths. But as the mechanism is universal it is theoretically interesting for everyone who is curious in Life and can use more consciousness and eventually spirituality in his Life. The old doctor” as Andrew Taylor Still was affectionally called by his students, legated us an extraordinary philosophy. Sadly enough, much of the extent of this philosophy has been abandoned by the educational and professional-political system. Still said that any Osteopath is a lifelong student of the mechanisms of Nature, Form, Life and Health. That is what we do with the Evost course, run through the story of Evolution phylogenetically and ontogenetially, seeing the Mechanism. (during five years, at two seminars a year)

Kosten : 550 Euro    

Ort der Veranstaltung :
Hotel Oude eycke

Referent/in Max Girardin D.O., Evost Fellow

Voraussetzung: Abgeschlossene Osteopathieausbildung

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