Kongress 2010: Interview mit Mark Wilson

VOD: What is your lecture “Treating prematurity and neonates” on Saturday 2nd of October about?

Mark Wilson:
I have been working in Neonatal Units (Neonatal Intensive Care/High Dependency & Special Care Baby Units) in Hospitals since 1997 as part of our teaching clinic at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (the clinical arm of the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy) on the MSc/DPO courses. I propose to talk generally of my experiences there: complications of Prematurity and the newly born – pathologies encountered and how, as osteopaths, we can influence these.

Can you bespeak some more details about your workshop called “Exploring respiration and first breath”?

Mark Wilson:
The workshop will link with my lecture: how to approach and effectively treat these tiny people: looking at contact, tissue qualities and treatment techniques. The osteopaths would find it more beneficial if they have some experience of working in the cranial field.

Why should an osteopath take part on your lecture and your workshop?

Mark Wilson:
Osteopaths will encounter patients that have been born prematurely or have suffered complications of birth even if they do not themselves treat within a hospital unit. It is fundamental to understand the patients’ journey; the more we understand the aetiology, the more effective our treatments are.

You are on the faculties of the foundation and the Sutherland Cranial College (SCC) in Chepstow. Can you describe the particular of the SCC?

Mark Wilson:
SCC – best to use the following link: www.sutherlandcranialcollege.co.uk

VOD: You instigated an osteopathic project in two Hospital’s acute paediatric ward. Can
you tell how it works?

Mark Wilson:
As well as working on the NNU, we also visit the acute paediatric wards at 
the hospitals. Osteopathy can influence the course of pathophysiolgies and so can be  useful in treating whatever presents itself: acute exacerbations of  asthma, epilepsy, sickle cell crisis, physical traumas... We have done no research to substantiate these claims, but believe that osteopathy has an important role in treating acute illness.

VOD: Thank you very much for answering.

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