Kirksville-Museum hat Juwelen von Dr. James Jealous im Gepäck

Gut besucht war an allen drei Kongresstagen die Ausstellung des Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirskville, dessen Direktor Jason Haxton viele Exponate aus der Gründerzeit der Osteopathie nach Bad Nauheim mitgebracht hatte.

VOD: Jason Haxton, which kind of osteopathic jewels from your museum do you show 2022 in Bad Nauheim?

Jason Haxton: In view of this Kongress honoring  Doctor James Jealous' lifeswork, some of the items that I brought to VOD 2022 were from his earliest days as a student at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. As a student working with some of the most renowned manual medicine professionals of his time, I brought a letter that he wrote to his fellow students.  In this letter, hiis strong views about students not interested in manual medicine attending his college were stated. He made it clear that if you were not interested in manual medicine ...you should be kicked out of the school. Students with allopathic interest only – not osteopathic – hindered the class and the college's work. Many VOD attendees found it amusing... He knew the benefits of manual medicine in patient's healthcare. A table of images and 1969 Yearbook of his graduation year were also enjoyed.

VOD: Please tell us more something about some special things…

VOD: Please tell us more something about some special things…

Jason Haxton: Also a variety of free  gifts with the new museum logo on tote bags,  literature,  pens and lip balm were given to guests to announce the national accreditation of the museum of ossepatic medicine.

VOD: Did you enjoy the congress? 

Jason Haxton: After an absence of several years  it was great to connect with the VOD leadership, renowned presenters and dedicated members. Once together, it seemed only days since the last gathering. The community of this organization is so strong that the human connection transcends time and difficulties. It was fantastic to be back sharing our rich osteopathic history to new members and digging deeper on topics with our seasoned osteopaths.

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