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Welcome to the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine (SM). Our mission is to preserve and promote the history and tenets of osteopathy through collections and research to a global audience

As you browse through our site, you will be introduced to many of the Museum's unique features, including:
  • Two historic buildings preserved inside a two-story atrium adjacent to the Museum
    - the birthplace log cabin of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O., (1828-1917), founder of osteopathy
    - the original two-room classroom building of the American School of Osteopathy, founded in 1892
  • Distinctive exhibits highlighting osteopathy's heritage
  • Educational tours/programs designed to educate visitors of all ages about osteopathic medicine, healthcare, wellness, and a wide range of other topics
  • A reading room with access to hundreds of documents, books, and photographs to support research into the history of osteopathy and its practitioners
  • A gift shop featuring historic books and unusual gifts with an osteopathic theme
  • The Healer Within You: K-8 Lesson Plans: Click here for FREE kindergarten to 8th grade Classroom Lesson Plans on Health Sciences and Prevention:http://www.healerwithin.org/IMLS/index.htm
  • In need of something engaging, entertaining, and educational for young patients? 
    The Mini Medical School teaches children about bones, hygiene, nutrition and more through a series of online games. After children complete all six activities, they become a Mini Medical School Graduate and can download a certificate and coloring page.
    Access the Mini Medical School anytime at www.mini-med-school.com.
    You can help spread the message of osteopathic medicine and healthy living to children in your community by sending this to educators in your area. The Mini Medical School comes with a complete Lesson Plan for teachers. 

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