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Intervision Day 2019

The Nature of Observation

Intervision Day: A day among equals, learning, sharing, interacting and investigating together in a nice atmosphere. Theme: "The Nature of Observation" Program and Registration on www.osteopathyinvestigated.org. For fellows, whose observation have created in them a desire to reason, to dig on and to communicate about it. The fellowship* is a group of osteopaths spread over 11 countries with a shared common philosophy. Going through one or more of the seminars offered by Morphologicum (www.morphologicum.org) provides access to the fellowship. In the program free places are reserved to share your experience. When you want to bring up an issue and speak, please contact info@osteopathyinvestigated.org

Kosten : 60 Euro

Ort der Veranstaltung :
Hotel Aldeneikerhof
Hamontweg 103
Aldeneik-Maaseik (Belgium)

Referent/in Jason Haxton Ma,DO(hc), Mario Kraml D.O., Erik Elferink D.O., Jean-Marie Cortoos D.O.

Voraussetzung: Abgeschlossene Osteopathieausbildung

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