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A.T.-Still-Goldketten-Diebstahl: Interview mit Jason Haxton, Leiter des Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville

Wie berichtet, ist am 9. September während einer weltweiten Osteopathie-Konferenz in Auckland/Neuseeland eine goldene Taschenuhrkette des Osteopathie-Begründers A.T. Still aus dem Bestand einer Museumsausstellung gestohlen worden. Der VOD hat nun den Leiter des Museum of Osteopathic Medicine aus Kirksville zum Geschehen und aktuellen Stand der Dinge interviewt.
VOD: Mr. Haxton, the Newspaper New Sealand Herold wrote about an unbelievable fact in Auxland: A gold watch fob chain with two charms attached from osteopathy-founder Andrew Taylor Still was stolen from your exibition during the OIA-conference on 9th of September. How could it happen?
Mr. Haxton: The theft of the artifact occurred when a guest to the exhibit with a disability was having trouble and while assisting that person to get out of the exhibit to the lecture hall the artifact was taken.
VOD: Many photographs of Dr Still, who died 100 years ago in 1917, show him wearing the gold chain watch fob. What is the material worth of this artefact? Could you please describe the watch fob chain and tell us, what it ment to him?
Mr. Haxton: Dr. Still actually kept very few personal items. This being one of those items. The fobs or charms represent an American Indian which I think represented his American Indian Heritage as well as the cross which represented his Christian faith. The actual monetary value would only be probably about 800 US Dollars however the value as a rare artifact of our founder makes it priceless in museum terms.
VOD: Did you have contact to the police and the hotel staff? What did they say and could they help?
Mr. Haxton:  I've been in touch with the security at the convention center who are keeping an eye open for the artifact as well as contact with them through the police if the artifact comes forward they will help us reclaim it.
VOD: A reward of 1000 Newzealand Dollars is being offered for the safe return of the chain, or any information that leads to the return of the artefact. Have you already heard anything from the police?
Mr. Haxton: At this time we've heard nothing more about the missing artifact; however, feedback from people contacting he let me know that the Herald article has had a wide range of coverage and as a result; we have a good chance of the artifact being returned.
VOD: What would you like to tell the person who took that golden watch fob chain?
Mr. Haxton: If the person who took the charms is an osteopath he should know how important this is to people wanting to connect with the founder doctor A.T. Still and should return the item as soon as possible. If the item was taken by someone who was just needing money, the reward should be enough with no questions asked to cover what they would make off the artifact anyway.
VOD: Thank you very much for the interview and good luck for searching! We are happy seeing you next week at our 20th international osteopathy-congress "STILLalive" in Bad Nauheim!
Mr. Haxton: Look forward to seeing you again very soon in Bad Nauheim at the VOD.

Link: https://www.osteopathie.de/n1506412620

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